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1 girl i 5 boys

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M.Ch.PL, Ch.PL. Sequins SACY

J.Ch. Dream Max Golden Eagle

Qdore LADY IN RED  - "Tosia"

Tatoo number: K480

Owner: Mrs. Joanna, Lublin

Qdore LORD OF THE RINGS  - "Frodo"

Tatoo number: K475

Owner: Mr. Dariusz, Tychy

Qdore LIGHT MY FIRE  - "Alex"

Tatoo number: K476

Owner: Mr. Dariusz, Warszawa

Qdore LOVE ME DO  - "Lebron"

Tatoo number: K477

Owner: Mrs. Joanna, Lublin

Qdore LUCKY CHARM  - "Krembo"

Tatoo number: K478

Owner: Mrs.Chen, Warszawa

Qdore LET IT BE  - ""

Tatoo number: K479

Owner: , Lublin